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An Occasional Post


It's hot in Vermont. Too hot. I am obsessed with weather. My trusty Subaru Forester has a weather-band radio, and I have just learned that the new Subarus have eliminated this crucial feature. Why?

Vermont, paradise that it is, has weather issues, if you consider bugs part of weather, which I do. We are now in black fly season, which means wearing protective netting if you live outside of town (which I do). Black flies, for those of you who haven't had the pleasure, are worse than mosquitoes. Why? Because you don't hear them coming; you can't gleefully swat them DEAD. They swarm and bite and cause swelling, itching, and blood. Then we move on to deer flies (horse flies) and mosquitoes.

Fall is perfect, but hunting season means staying indoors.

Spring? Mud season. Defrosting dog poop. Muddy dogs. Lots of vacuuming and floor mopping.

Winter? Perfect, but only if it's cold and snowy.

How does this relate to children's books, you may wonder? Much of my writing ends up involving seasons, consequences of seasons, love of seasons. I can't imagine living without them. I get to complain--and I also get to feel like the luckiest person on earth.

Maybe I'll even post a garden photo.
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