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Vermont College of Fine Arts

July 24, 2010

Tags: VCFA, Lakeside

Itís still hot here, as it is almost everywhere on the east coast, and I am dreaming of moving North. Labrador, Greenland, Nova Scotia, Hudson Bayódonít they sound enticing?

And yes, I believe weíve brought this heat on ourselves. More on that some other time. For now, letís talk about Vermont College of Fine Arts. Iíll start.

The summer residency ended on Tuesday and many attendees have been napping ever since. (more…)

Summer camp: part three

July 6, 2010

Tags: camp, Lakeside, writing, yearning

Iíve already posted twice about the life-changing summer camp I attended for eight entire summers as a child (I wasnít actually attending it Ďasí a child. I was a child. For this humorous insight, I owe Tom Paley, the great traditional musician), and I promise to stop soon and move on. ButÖ

Camp had one major drawback: I spent ten months of each year constantly yearning for the two months of summer. I hated school and loved camp. At camp, I had friends. At school, I was a total outsideróbut more about that in another post.

Today Iíve been thinking about yearning as it applies to writing. (more…)

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Neal Porter/Roaring Brook Press, June, 2017
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A nonfiction picture book illustrated by Robert Andrew Parker. Roaring Brook Press, 2006
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Illustrated by Andrea U'Ren and published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux. March, 2010.
Illustrated by Mary Azarian, published by Houghton Mifflin 2005
Illustrated by William Benedict. Candlewick, 2000.