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Actual current photo (editor's note: not any more. I am sparing you a newer one). Notice portrait of Winnie (partial view) behind me. (My hair is grayer, longer, slightly weird, and some other things. Plus I have lost one of those earrings.)

Here is teeny me signing in Texas in April for the Bluebonnet list. I flew there! On a plane! I had fun! (It is possible that I hate to fly.)

Older photo. Better.

The anti-author photo: Mary Azarian, illustrator of HERE COMES DARRELL, and I pose with excavator. Try using a magnifying glass. Photo by Bob Rosenfeld.

Darrell Farnham, the inspiration for HERE COMES DARRELL, digs a pond with his excavator.

Welcome to my web site, where recently I seem to be overdoing the exclamation points. A temporary aberration, I'm sure.

NEWS! Coming in June, 2017: a picture book biography of Pete Seeger. From Neal Porter Books, illustrated by Raul Colon. VERY EXCITED!!!! Soon I'll put up some links of Pete interest on the page for the book.

Cover image!

How nice that you have managed to find the virtual me. Please hit a lot of buttons and explore, look at dog photos and other assorted photographs, and CHECK OUT MY BOOKS by clicking on the right-hand side of the page. I update the pages fairly often.

It is not easy to put up all these pages that are full of information about me and my books for children when I'd rather talk about you, but I do it anyway.

I live in Plainfield, Vermont, the center of the universe, where 1200 other souls and I enjoy our used bookstore, the cafe at Plainfield Hardware, a gas station-convenience store, the original Positive Pie, our beloved food coop, the Cutler Memorial Library, and the glorious Green Mountains. I've been here a long time and the traffic is getting much worse, the winters are long, and the blackflies are terrible. I tell you this to discourage you from moving here. (Underneath my hostile exterior, however, I am a very nice person.)

I write books for children and do a lot of other stuff. A good bit has to do with letting dogs in and out, but I also play music (traditional, country blues, etc.) and attempt to learn watercolor.

I am going to tell you a sad thing. Very sad. Some books go out of print. In fact, some of mine have gone out of print, and yet it seems like just yesterday that they were published. You might be able to find copies, however. I sure hope so.

I practice arabesques at about age four or five. I always wanted to be a ballet dancer. I am not. But I still love striped t-shirts.

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Coming in June, 2017, from Neal Porter/Roaring Brook Press
New: Click for a pdf discussion and activities guide. (Look on left of page after clicking.)
Illustrated by Bonnie Christensen and published by Neal Porter/Roaring Brook Press. Fall, 2011.
Holiday House, Fall 2011. Illustrated by Amanda Haley
Illustrated by Andrea U'Ren and published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux. March, 2010.
A nonfiction picture book illustrated by Robert Andrew Parker. Roaring Brook Press, 2006
Illustrated by Mary Azarian, published by Houghton Mifflin 2005
Illustrated by William Benedict. Candlewick, 2000.
Serial Novel for the Boston Globe's Newspapers in Education