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Why write for children?

September 17, 2010

Tags: frost, garden, camp, politics

Iíve been busy. Everybodyís busy. Living in Vermont means getting ready for winter early: stacking wood, cleaning the woodstove, putting the garden to bed, checking for drafts, etc. A frost is predicted for tonight, and I should be outside picking the last of the produce (baseball bat zucchinis, anyone?).

I must admit, however, that I abandoned the garden a while ago. When itís in the nineties and humid, I sit in front of a fan and write. We had repulsive heat (I know some of you like it. Not me--) followed by no rain, and the soil turned to dust. Poor garden. Maybe next year. I apologize to all my plants. Know that I love you.

So my camp reunion is next weekend. (more…)

Summer camp: part three

July 6, 2010

Tags: camp, Lakeside, writing, yearning

Iíve already posted twice about the life-changing summer camp I attended for eight entire summers as a child (I wasnít actually attending it Ďasí a child. I was a child. For this humorous insight, I owe Tom Paley, the great traditional musician), and I promise to stop soon and move on. ButÖ

Camp had one major drawback: I spent ten months of each year constantly yearning for the two months of summer. I hated school and loved camp. At camp, I had friends. At school, I was a total outsideróbut more about that in another post.

Today Iíve been thinking about yearning as it applies to writing. (more…)

Summer camp: Part two

June 16, 2010

Tags: camp, Lakeside, writing, reunion

Summer camp, part two
It is decades later. Many. Too many to think about. But I still dream about camp, and these are happy happy dreams, not at all like my frequent nightmares. I still have friends from campófriends who remember more about my life than I do. And I still miss camp.

A few months ago I woke up and said to myself, ďLeda, you are going to organize the camp reunion youíve thought about for years.Ē So I did, and I am. (We all talk to ourselves, donít we? Please say yes.)

Here is one of the glories of the internet, my friends. People can be found! You already know this. But I have turned into one of the worldís great detectives, if I do say so myself. Itís not just facebook and google. (more…)

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