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Scary stories

October 29, 2010

Tags: Halloween, paranormal, trick-or-treat

I am not a big Halloween person, and I know this is a character flaw. Many of my friends love all the hoopla, but I’ve never been a fan of the scary, macabre, and haunting. I am still afraid of “The Monkey’s Paw.”

I do love the candy, because I am a sane person. Unfortunately, we have no trick-or-treaters any more (the children of nearby friends have grown up). I stock up on my favorite stuff anyway. Just in case. Then we get to eat it.

The last time I went trick-or-treating (more…)

Passion for books

October 11, 2010

It’s been a while. Did you miss me? I’m not sure I’m cut out for blogging, but I’m sticking to An Occasional Post. Following the sublime experience of the Camp Lakeside reunion, I had to sleep a lot, but I think it was emotional and not physical exhaustion. The glorious intensity of the experience left me drained.

When drained, what I do is read, so I read a whole bunch of grownup books while subconsciously (I hope—how does one know?) contemplating revisions on my novel-still-in-progress. (I'm going for the record.)

Books included FREEDOM (Jonathan Franzen), THE THOUSAND AUTUMNS OF JACOB DE ZOET (David Mitchell), and THE LACUNA (Barbara Kingsolver). I loved all three, and admired each for different reasons. Both Franzen and Kingsolver share my political preoccupations—and write brilliantly in different ways—and David Mitchell is a genius.

Then along came The New York Times article (last week) on the decline of the picture book. (more…)

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